World War Two medals: Could one of them belong to your family?

Anyone who recognises a relative in the below list and wants to claim a medal should contact Mick Stothard on 0191 371 0276.

The medals still unallocated are engraved with the following names

SPC James F Allan

A/Sgt James Arnott

SPC Stanley Barber

SPC Thomas H Barker

SPC Thomas E Belcher

SPC Christopher Brown

SPC John S Brown

SPC Thomas Calvert

SPC James L Childs

SPC Ian M Compton

SPC William L Cook

SPC Robert Craig

SPC Ernest T Cunnel

SPC Bernard A Falconer

SPC Robert S Foreman

SPC William G Foreman

SPC Reginals Forster

SPC Robert D Hall

SPC Thomas W Hardie

SPC Henry T Hardy

SPC Joseph W Hindmarsh

SPC Stephen M Holmes

SPC Robert ADC Hudson

SPC Thomas Jewitt

SPC John Y W Johnson

SPC Derreck L Kennerley

A/Sgt Dudley H Kent

SPC Oliver V Lintern

SPC George Matthewson

SPC David Milligan

SPC \William E Mitcell

SPC Archibald Moffett

SPC Albert W Moore

SPC James E Motion

SPC George W Page

SPC William R Pape

SPC Norman T Pearson

SPC Stephen L Pearson

SPC Trevor B Phillips

SPC Harold E Plummer

SPC Joseph G Robinson

SPC Alfred C Sloane

Sgt Frederick C Smith

SPC William E Toft

SPC James Tyson

SPC Albert Urquhart

SPC Douglas Wallace

SPC William Mck Wallace

SPC Frederick H Williams

SPC John R Wills