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Northumbria NARPO membership has a long history found in the City, Borough, County and River police officers of the north east of England. Those original forces were amalgamated over the years to comprise what is currently known as Northumbria Police. The Northumbria NARPO Branches are proud to have amongst their number some retired officers who can trace their service back to one of those constituent forces.


Your assistance is requested.

One of our members, Trevor Fordy, is reaching out for assistance. His stepson, 23-year-old Adam Mould had a kidney transplant when he was 15 years old and now the transplant is failing and he is in urgent need of finding another donor. He will be placed on kidney dialysis imminently, an essential medical intervention to keep Adam alive.

Would you like to be considered as a potential kidney donor?

Please email:

The Kidney Transplant


Ms. Julie Wardle 

Mark up the email for Julie's attention.


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How to manage notifications - Obituaries

1. Information required for obituaries

For guidance when submitting obituaries for inclusion in the Northumbria Bobby and online please see the relevant blog by entering in the "Search posts" box the word: obituary

2. Notifying Northumbria Police of the death

When a Northumbria Police pensioner dies, a family member should contact:

Pensions Manager  

0191 437 3985

The department will also take funeral details so that they might be circulated within the retired police community of Northumbria. They will be able to give advice about the revised police pension to be paid where applicable.

Engraved tankards presented - November, 2021

Branch Chairperson, Mick Simpson, and Secretary, Bob Watson presented an engraved glass tankard in recognition of their respective service to the Northumbria Branch to John McLaughlan, for many years, involved with Wally Carr in organising the annual social event, and to Bob Bowring for his loyal service to the branch over an extended period. You will find the presentation photographs here or via the main menu, Photo Gallery

The Northumbria Bobby archive. 

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Northumbria Branch

Committee member, Ann McDonald is looking at ways we might make it easier for people to attend our meetings or the annual social event, which we hope we can reinstate in 2022. 

Is there something preventing you from attending either event? 

Would a different time or a different venue be helpful?

Perhaps you are quite satisfied with being in NARPO and have no real interest in going to meetings or social events. 

Ann would welcome your thoughts. Even if you have no interest in being an active participant that is very useful information for us to know so we can shape our branch to best suit all the members. Why not drop an email to Ann and let her know here.

Publishing in the Northumbria Bobby

This page consolidates various pieces published over the years offering guidance for those submitting items for publication. You can find the information here.