Things to consider when you submit an item for the Northumbria Bobby

Northumbria Bobby – Editorial policy

1 Any submissions made should be done mindful of the impact that the story might have on the reader. This is not an attempt to censor which articles are published but rather to manage their inclusion in the Northumbria Bobby with sensitivity and regard for the readership, including family members of those named, even though the main character may no longer be alive. This is especially true when the story shows the main character, accurately, in an unfavorable light.

2 Usually, the editor will undertake to print all copy submitted, (unless the author has indicated part of the submission is not for publication) in full and without abridgment except for the usual editorial considerations including the space available.

3 It is the author’s role to fact-check the content he or she submits for publication. The editor will not routinely perform a fact-checking function on copy submitted.

4 Artwork submitted with copy should include information about its origin, and by whom the copyright is held. We cannot publish copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright holder.

5          a) Book reviews.

 If you wish your book to be reviewed and the review to be published in the Northumbria Bobby, please make the editor aware of where a copy might be available for that purpose.

            b) Book promotions

If you simply wish to promote your book, please supply the editor with the copy you wish to appear in the Northumbria Bobby, and it will be published ‘as is’. 

This page consolidates into one location a number of guidelines published in the Northumbria Bobby over time about the ways of submitting copy.