National Police Memorial, The Mall, London 2018. 

Attribution: Irid Escent [CC BY-SA (]

Northumbria NARPO relies entirely on information provided to us to compile the obituaries. 

They are provided for the benefit of friends and colleagues and are not intended to replace full obituaries published elsewhere.

The obituaries appearing below will be published in the Winter 2024 edition of the Northumbria Bobby

David Gray

David died on the 12th May, 2024, age not disclosed. He was an ex-Newcastle City officer who retired in 1989 as a constable

John Sim

John died on the 24th May, 2024 aged 80 years. He leaves a widow, Gillian. John's funeral will be held at 11am on Wednesday, 12th June, 2024 at the West Road Crematorium, Newcastle on Tyne. An ex-Newcastle City officer, John spent some time in Traffic Department

Terrence Vissenga

Terry died on the 20th May, 2024. No other information has been disclosed.