Report from recent meeting of the National Executive Committee

Regional Update 20th July 2015


At the recent meeting of the National Executive Committee:

Finance – following a report from the CEO the NEC were satisfied that our brokers, Brewer Dolphin, traded and held our investments ethically. 

At the half year end we are showing a surplus of £199,029.  At the 2014 year end Branches held a total of £1,913,846 in funds.

NARPO Headquarters – as you will be aware Clint Elliott has indicated his retirement from the end of January 2016 and, after legal advice, Steve Edwards (Dep. CEO) has been appointed in his stead. Employment contracts for both posts
are being reviewed.  Advertisements for a new Dep. CEO will appear in NARPO News and other sites on 1st August.

One member of office staff has given notice (not related to above) and another is
on long term leave.  We are looking to outsource some of the work of the office (BACS and printing) to achieve both
savings and better efficiency.  Thereafter, job descriptions for all staff are to be reviewed and a time & motion study undertaken.

Conference 2015 – the debate will be, “Where next – Welfare” and guest speakers have been identified.  We both
expressed our concerns about the timing and content of Branch Circular 20 extending the closing date for delegates this year. An explanatory Circular was promised.

Motions – Motion 1 – Rules. 
All 43 amendments have been accepted, plus two further amendments from the NEC intended to further clarify three of the submitted amendments.  The Rules motion will be contained in a separate booklet (which is now at the printers and available to view on the website) with all amendments shown next to the Rule that they seek to change. Amendments,
all but three of which are opposed by the NEC will be voted on as they appear, rule by rule, section by section.  I (Richard) have been asked to propose the Motion which, after long consideration, I have agreed to do to achieve balance.  The NEC will oppose a remit of Motion 1. There are 5 more Motions for debate.

Conference 2016 will be at Torquay; Conference 2017 will be at either York or Scarborough subject to costs.

Training – the revised Branch Officers Training Course for those about to take principal office is filled and will be held in Wakefield in October. Planned pensions courses are also oversubscribed.  The new ‘Access to Support’ course held
earlier this year and was well received.

Strategic Planning Group – the Later Life Ambitions will continue at least in the short term but because of costs involved will not be involved with any receptions at the political party conferences.

Those attending the Police Federation Conference reported it was highly successful in promoting NARPO, especially those nearing retirement.  Two members will also be manning a stand at the Superintendents’ Conference later this year and two have manned a stand at the recent IPA conference.

In order to progress ‘Care in the Future’, it was agreed to prepare two short questionnaires for branches to establish the variety and scope of work that is already being undertaken nationally. It was agreed to research the possibility of publishing a professionally prepared history of NARPO to coincide with our 100th Anniversary in 2019.

Police Treatment Centres – It was reported that the AGM’s of both centres reported a shortfall in funds, even though they were considering extending treatment to psychological problems. Both maintain that retired officers are still welcome if they require

Police Dependants’ Trust – details of important changes to the grants system have already been circulated to Branch Secretaries: they have adopted the Joseph Rowntree ‘minimum income standard’. Funding has also been set aside for an officer(s) suffering following amajor terrorist attack.  A worrying precaution.  Next year is the Trust’s 50th anniversary and a recruitment campaign is being planned.

Retention of Widows Pensions on re-marriage – minor improvements have been achieved but it was agreed that we would continue to lobby and fully support campaign to achieve full retention of pension, like Northern Ireland widows. There is no cost to
the government to implement, just a small reduction on savings.

Pensions Ombudsman’s – determination on commutation and associated papers on the narpo website.  The determination
has resulted in many who are not affected querying earlier commutation tables.  The Ombudsman has categorically
stated he will not review the actuarial tables. The government has indicated it will meet the costs of implementing the
determination when the Government Actuary produces the new tables.  Forces have already been asked to identify
those affected and be prepared to make the necessary payments.

From 12th October there will be further information on the Government website on how to top up state pensions.

Mike and Richard