Police Treatment Centres implement subscription charges for retired police officers

The change in PTC policy was originally reported on this blog in September, 2015:

As you will hopefully by now be aware the Board of Trustees of the Police Treatment Centres directed on 1st August 2015 that if retired officers wish to access free treatment at the Police Treatment Centres (PTC) from 1st January 2016 that they must be signed up to the PTC as a current subscribing member.

All retired officers who have visited the centre have received correspondence outlining the changes in policy. A direct debit form, which retired officers can complete to start donating to the charity, has been forwarded to each of our members to make them eligible to receive free treatment, if they choose to subscribe.

Basically - to continue to receive 'free' treatment you will have to sign up to a direct debit to pay 65p per week, BEFORE January 1st 2016. Those joining after that date will have to subscribe for 12 months before they are entitled to free care.

This was done without consultation with either the Federation or NARPO, which has been pointed out all levels. However, as PTCs are a charity with trustees they are able to make these changes without consultation with other bodies.

The basis of the change is a projected £2m shortfall in the next few years, blamed on the fall in force strengths and a reduction in the number of serving officers 'joining up'.

To continue free treatment into next year you must JOIN UP BEFORE JANUARY 1ST 2016

We will give a full update in the Open Meeting on Wednesday 28th October 2015 AT 7.30PM, along with updates on the pension rise for next year and a follow up to the recent delay in paying pensions and also the results of the proposed rule changes at Conference.