Overtime and recall to duty

There has been a recent circulation from NARPO HQ concerning officers who were recalled to duty on a rest day and were apparently induced not to claim the statutory minimum allowance of 4 hours. A case of Allard, Vincent & Buckley v CC of Devon & Cornwall has highlighted this anomaly and officers feeling that they might have a claim because they were required/coerced/directed/cajoled to do the duty and forfeit their entitlement should, in the first instance, contact the Police Federation. There is a line of thought suggesting the application will only be for officers of the rank of PC and sergeant and is likely to be confined to officers retiring between 2010 and 2012. This will be a civil matter, decided by the County Court with a statutory limitation in proceedings of 6 years. However, if you feel you have worked in similar circumstances, explore the application to your case and do not be deterred by the interpretation provided for guidance in this blog as to whom the ruling might apply. The following link will take you to a transcript of the case. http://www.narpo.org/index.php/notices.html