Opportunity to contribute to a valuable research project

Sarah Docherty, a PhD researcher at Northumbria University, Newcastle has asked whether NARPO members or anyone else with access to our site might be able to assist her with a research programme. The research focuses on everyday functioning and wellbeing in adults aged 70+. She is currently recruiting for an online questionnaire, which is asking adults aged 70+ about any activities they may find difficult or anything they would like to do more of in everyday life. This data is really important as her research, overall, aims to improve everyday functioning in adults aged 70+ using a nutritional supplement. Before Sarah does this, she needs to understand what type of activities this group of people would actually like to improve on and what matters to them, as this is what will make the focus of her research more worthwhile and beneficial.

The online questionnaire is anonymous and all data will be confidential. The questionnaire takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete and the link below takes you directly to the questionnaire.


Please note:

This study has received full ethical approval from Northumbria University Faculty of Health & Life Sciences Ethics Committee.