PC Jimmy Blades

Seeking information about Jimmy Blades

Here’s hoping that some "Northumbrian Bobby" readers may be able to assist me with a further local history project which I am trying to research. It is in relation to a former member of Northumberland County Constabulary His name was James (Jimmy) Blades who was fondly known as "Jock".

Jock was a larger than life character and a well-known police constable who worked in Monkseaton and Whitley Bay for many years. He shared his beat area with another officer; Harry Byers and he was latterly based at Whitley Bay Police Station. It is possible, however that previously he may have worked in other areas of the former county. I imagine he would have retired around the mid 1960s,. Sadly no records appear to exist within Northumbria Police Personnel Dept. and the details I have are sparse.

Jock was a Scotsman by birth and if anyone remembers him and is able to provide me with any details or photographs I would love to hear from you. There was a PC 346 James D Blades stationed at Whitley Bay in February, 1963 which is most probably the officer in question. The only other fact I know is that he once lived in Canberra Avenue, West Monkseaton.

Any assistance in relation to his service record, photographs or any other documentation would be greatly appreciated.

Charlie Steel email: ccz18 (at) blueyonder.co.uk [replace the (at) with @]
(ex-PC 3255 retired 2005)